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The alliance between sensibility and passion leads AMOR DE LA CALLE to search for national traditions so that new stories can be told.


From Beira Baixa stands out the Embroidery of Castelo Branco, bringing new looks and iconography to life, this embroidery that conveys a certain refinement, expertise, and mystery, typical of the region. Embroidery with silk thread is now introduced with the help of new manual and digital techniques, replicated through the use of Tinwork of São Torcato, Guimarães. 

The up-cycled crochets are modelled with a new life and the joy of highlighting the human body’s silhouette, recalling the lace shoulders of the typical Beira Baixa costume, thus revealing a more romantic side of the brand, and at the same time a more provocative side of the tradition. In efforts to become more sustainable, more than half of the fabrics used in the collection are leftovers from previous pieces or collections of vintage home textiles.

AMOR DE LA CALLE continues to dedicate itself to making pieces with personality and genuineness for the new generation, where subtlety is confronted with complexity.

Photography: Georgina Abreu
Creative Direction: Martim Alvarez
Styling and Creative Supervisor: Ana Silva
Bag: Heimat Atlantica
Jewels: Portugal Jewels
Hair: Artur Sarsembiev, Alexandr Temniy e Tania Romanova
Makeup: Antónia Rosa e Frederico Simão
Production: Catarina Calças
Host: Caetana Meneses

Models: Cadija Cassamá, Diana Shalkivska (Karacter), Eva Fisahn, Filipe Ferreira, Inês Neves (Karacter), Jéssica Rodrigues, Lis Mulder, Lolo Arziki, Luísa Vitorino, Madalena Vaz (Karacter), Monica Kamara, Raquel Silva (Karacter) e Yanessa Gomes (Karacter)

Special thanks to Associação do Património e da População de Alfama, ModaLisboa, Chão do Alfaiate, José Alberto Viréira, Karacter, Montserrat Álvarez, Nuno Tauber and João Felgueira

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